The word consequence takes on such a negative connotation. It describes the final chain in the three-tier behavior model. The antecedent is the cause.  The consequence is the effect. But, my delicate and spastic brain tends to associate consequence with bad, which isn’t always the case.  So, in true Lisha fashion, I’ve decided to rebel against my own feelings and uncover the beauty that lies within ‘consequences’.

This blog is my new adventure.  An adventure into the lives of people that I find fascinating.  Arguments with humans who want to focus on the behavior rather than the antecedent have lead me to become intrigued with behaviors of the odd, unsettling, unkempt and misplaced.

Within the words you will read here, you will be challenged to view life from another perspective.  You will be challenged to step out of your own head and into the thoughts and fears and experiences of others.

Into the Consequences of Chaos.

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