Exit Wound

The piercing blue wall and beer chugging gorilla mural sets the light-hearted and laid back vibe of the Time Out Lounge.  The young blonde slashing about, screaming, “I’m not afraid to die” to an energetic, albeit thinly dispersed crowd, sets a much deeper and perfectly volatile scene. 

Despite lacking in members, Exit Wound’s energy literally shook the walls and had humans of all ages engaged in their sporadic chaos for the entire duration of their hyperactive set.  The duo brought damn near everyone in the venue out of their seats with an unexpected, intense and angst-fueled force that rivals some of the most experienced artists in the genre.      

I’ve seen a lot of punk bands at this venue, but this is the first to literally pull the pit onto the stage,  displacing the band, multiple times and providing an interactive experience as unique as it was loud.  

Singer, Jordan Jameson’s angry lyrics are somewhat restrained, but the potential oozes at the seems. There’s stories there, it’s almost as if she’s just afraid to unleash them, fully. Drummer, Anthony Frey, has an obvious talent, intertwining punk and metal mid-song with a precision that is as enticing as it is confusing to the ears. Their search for a permanent bassist will only increase this band’s reach into the always expanding Phoenix punk/ hard core scene. 

After listening to their Bandcamp, I’m intrigued enough to tell you to listen, as well. In typical hard-core / punk style, all three songs that are currently available are under three minutes long, filled to the brim with simple yet satisfying lyrics spewed over violent and intoxicating guitars and compositions that never stagnate.  

Find their music at https://exitwoundaz.bandcamp.com/releases, follow the band at https://www.facebook.com/exitwoundaz/ and me at https://www.facebook.com/sicphotographs/ .

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